For a better SCOR

CIAM considers that the disorganized succession of Denis Kessler at the head of SCOR hides

a flawed and opaque governance which harms the image of Paris as an international financial center and the Group's performance.

The memorandum of understanding signed with Covéa reinforces Denis Kessler's power and obliges Covéa to exercise its voting rights in favour of all resolutions proposed by SCOR's Board.

1 - Considering a remuneration policy based on non-financial criteria that are opaque and non-measurable, CIAM will vote

AGAINST the 2020 compensation (resolution 5) and against the 2021 compensation policy of Denis Kessler (item 8)

2 - Considering the poor management of the succession at the head of SCOR and the poor performance attributable to the current management, CIAM will vote

AGAINST the reappointment of Denis Kessler as a member of the Board of Directors (item 9)

3 - Considering that the Nominations and Remuneration Committee bears a heavy responsibility for the succession crisis, CIAM will vote

AGAINST the renewal of the mandates of Claude Tendil and Bruno Pfister, members of said Committee (items 10 and 11)

4 - CIAM is committed to an organized transition that will allow better management and will vote

FOR the election of

Laurent Rousseau

(item 13)

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